I've found quite an interesting trend on Ripple's metrics provided on their XRP Charts site they host.


Transaction Chart from

In the last two months, we've seen a steady increase in XRP Ledger transactions. Within the last month, they've been averaging at 1 Million to 1.1 Million. This is about double from two months ago starting in May.


Payment Data on

The XRP Payments, which is related to the number of transactions has also seen a trend increasing since around May. We are seeing approximately a range of 40k to 100k payments per day throughout the last few months.

What does this mean?

Who knows what this really means, but it could mean XRapid has gotten more use from Ripple's customers. Its strange that we've seen this multiplier in Transactions and payments, but no affect on XRP Price.

Ripple has stated they will be doing no more OTC (over the counter) transactions for their customers. This should provide a benefit to price, hopefully.

I think with the news of Moneygram using XRapid, it probably means what I'm alluding to. I hoping we should see some exciting things coming in the next few months! We are definately seeing metrics similar to the 2017 bull run, so its only time till other metrics catch up with the current ones.