I originally went into this thinking I'll just do strict KetoChow. However, restricting myself would probably lead to quitting it all together. So... I've been sticking to a "Keto" Ketogenic based diet for the past 4 days now. It seems like its gone so quick, but its actually been pretty successful so far!

Initial Thoughts

I'm less hungry, less tired (more alert), and not really having sugar cravings. So each day I am substituing one or two meals with the Ketochow, which has probably made this entire journey way easier. I can sip the Keto Chow Shake over an hour period or so and make the meal last that much longer.

The Routine

I try to keep my days pretty routine so I don't mess up my diet and get off track.

The Morning...The first part of my day usual includes a couple cups of coffee with heavy cream and a small amount of flavored creamer (making sure to keep the carbs low). This will help with energy from caffeine and also prolong hunger longer.

Late Morning or Early Afternoon...This is usually the time I get in my KetoChow shake to push me over to the evening. I can make it ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so. This is recommended by the creator or KetoChow to allow the fats and liquids mix alot better and have a better overall flavor. I think the flavor is probably a little bit better than drinking it right away, but probably not super noticeable.

Evening...I will either finish off the day with another shake or have a Keto Centric Dinner. I've been doing 4 eggs over easy and some meat.  

Snacks and Go to Keto Food...My Favorite snack and super easy to do when I don't have something to prepare is these panino salami and cheese rolls.

Eating Out

I've only done this once in my short time :) . It probably took me forever to order, but I was not going to screw up my diet this early! We went to Denny's so they had a pretty good mix of things to choose from. However, as you may or may not know carbs are loaded into every meal in order to "Fill" you and save them money since its cheap.

My Meal Choice..I ended up deciding on a Salmon Dinner Plate w/ Breakfast sides (Bacon and Eggs). For some reason there was some resistance from the staff to do this..but not sure why. I was kinda annoyed, but I let them work it out among themselves. If anything I was saving them money since my sides were cheaper than the dinner sides.

Sugar Free Drinks

So this is probably an area that you will see people on either side. I'm on the side of drinking them because when I'm out and about, I'll just choose a Soda or Energy drink with the sugar free option. This way I can not be miserable, but also meeting my Keto needs. I know there are insulin spikes and such that can occur doing this, but I'm still consuming 0 sugar and very low calories/carbs.

Wrap Up

I have not really weighed myself so I won't get into that, but I do feel great! I also haven't experienced any decrease in energy for my workouts. I'm going to continue going and hopefully give a great review of Keto at day 100 or something :)

Thank you!