Day 0 of ???

I'm beginning a new journey tomorrow, which involves something called KetoChow. Its a meal replacement for the Keto lifestyle. I'm going with the Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavor.

I'll be including heavy whipping cream in with my choice of liquid. I plan to most likely have two servings for breakfast and one serving Mid Morning. I will then workout later in the day with my X3 Bar System.

I'll keep you updated!

Day 1 Prep (Update)

Night Before Prep, Shaker Bottle, Ketochow and Whipping Cream

Funny Note: I forgot to add the water to a 10oz cream and 2 scoop Keto Chow. OMG it would not mix, because your supposed to add 14oz of Water! ha!

So I have added 10oz of water with 5oz of cream and one scoop of KetoChow for overnight. I'll just have to make it again so I have two servings in the morning.