In the most basic sense, its a server that spins up small containers with apps of your choosing to host them for you. This means you could have 5 different services or even more all running on the same server, which saves cost! $$$

The Dashboard

The App Dashboard on your Cloudron Admin Panel

As you can see the dashboard is pretty straightforward, with a tile like look for your running apps. You have the option to filter the apps by what Domain they are running under or not :). The names are pretty straight forward and totally configurable to your desire. Like this site "Blog" is running under "".

The App Store

The Cloudron App Store

The Appstore is compiled of Standard and Premium Apps, so yes there is a cost to these. You can have two standard apps hosted for free, as many Standard Apps hosted for $15 per month, and as many Premium Hosted for $30 per month. That may seem expensive or even cheap to you. It really depends on you, but for the amount of services you can run on one hosted server, its cheap to me!

They have apps from Forums, Blogs, Project Management and so much more! Also this server is a built in Email Server so you don't even have to pay for Email Hosting anywhere for your domains. Just spin up one of the Mail Apps and your good to go!

DNS (Domain Name Service)

If you don't know what that is, its basically what your site is posted under. Like or ect. With the plethera of APIs by DNS Providers you can have Cloudron automatically spin up the services(apps) and configure DNS for you. You literally do everything in this console which is awesome and stupid simple!


The only thing you really need to know once you get this bad boy running, is setup your backups to an external service like Digital Ocean Spaces or AWS. Once that is done, your server will backup Daily, backup your Apps Daily, Auto update them for you. No need to worry about something going down, because your Backups got you covered!


So how do you get a cloudron server? I did mine on Digital Ocean for $20 bucks per month. So with the premium apps of $30 a month, I'm hosting as much services as I want for $50! Cloudron is a one click app on Digital Ocean, so setting it up only takes a few minutes.

This was a pretty brief overview of Cloudron, but I will be following up with a video tutorial of what it took to get this setup so quickly and easily.

Thank you!