I had a strange encounter with Thunder and Lightning in the last couple of weeks and Fear did not show itself.

My Fear

Thunder and Lightning to be honest has always scared me. Its scary, bright, loud and powerful. A power that can take your life in an instant without hesitation. I remember a few encounters I've had with thunder and lightning that I can still remember to this day.

An Encounter

A Trip to my dad's hometown in Ohio when I was young was probably the scariest I remember. We stayed at a house of a Family my dad knew. Rain, Lightning and thunder sounded almost as if it was banging down right on top of us. I just wanted it to stop. The memory quickly fades because I'm sure I tried to go to sleep as quickly as I could.  

Another time we were out camping and i remember running down the pavement of a road through the middle of a campground. BANG! It sounded as if lightning cracked the ground 100 ft or so away. I didn't see anything, but the noise and feeling was quite shocking. I got back to camp as quickly as I could.

Taranis Showed Himself

I didn't know then, but a god that goes by the name of Taranis in Celtic Mythology was present in those moments. He is known as the God of Thunder, or as Thor in Norse Mythology. You can learn a bit more about him here

As I'm writing this blog out for mostly myself, since I don't expect many to read it, I learned something. These experiences were divine experiences and let me tell you why. I've recently have begun looking into and reading about Pagan Mythology, specifically around Celtic because I feel a pulling towards it. I mostly began my journey reading into and learning about Cernunnos, but that can be a story for another time.

Taranis, must of known I began opening myself to learning about him and others. I say this because in my beginning weeks of reading into paganism lightning and thunder rolled in. It was in the distance, but it was bright, powerful and loud. At this moment, it was not fear it was calmness I felt. An experience I'm now realizing now was quite divine. I now will no longer fear thunder and lightning but embrace it.

Wrapping up

I've been speaking to Cernunnos, but Taranis will be another god I will be speaking to as well. He has spoken to me, so I should return the favor.